Wild Buffaloes Kaziranga

In the famous Kaziranga National Park wildlife species, wild buffalo is an attractive animal that is among the rare wildlife species of the park. These animals are the most preferred prey for the tigers. Wild Buffalos are found in Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Thailand and Assam in India. Apart from Assam, they are also found in Chhattisgarh state of India. In the states of Maharashtra and Meghalaya, there are possibilities of occasional sighting for Asiatic Water Buffaloes.

Now, talking about Wild Buffaloes in Kaziranga, they are found here in the maximum numbers. According to the recent counting of Wild Buffaloes, there are approximately 1400 buffaloes in an area of 430 sq/kms. For a perfect grassland ecosystem, these animals are quite important because they contribute in the rejuvenation of plants.

With the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, Wild Buffaloes have found protection and there are certain causes behind their declining population. The main reasons are crossbreeding with local buffaloes, devastation of their natural habitat and shrinkage that are still threats for their population. The IUCN has referred wild Buffaloes as the endangered animals.

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