How To Reach Kaziranga

Kaziranga National Park is a World Heritage site as acknowledged by UNESCO for being a home of remarkable wildlife, rich forest, and amazing biodiversity. Situated in Assam, India, this park is known for its wildlife marvels and spectacular geographical conditions. The beautiful landscape of Kaziranga extends to the great Brahmaputra River on its north end and Karbi Anglong Hills at its south end which forms dense forest greenery to give quality shelter to numerous wildlife species. From national highway to state roadways, this park is located a well-connected location. As the airport and railway station are located nearby, visitors from different corners of the country and world would not find much difficulty to reach here.

From the months of November to April in a year, the Kaziranga National Park welcomes visitors as it is the best time to spot the most captivating wildlife species residing Kaziranga. By using Safari services provided by Kaziranga Forest department, one can have the most happening sights of wild animals and all other creatures in the park.

Though roadways is only connected to the part, yet with airway or railway, you can reach the nearest point from where you would take roadways transport to reach here. Let's discuss how to reach Kaziranga National Park from different transportation modes.

Reaching Kaziranga National Park By Air -

Jorhat Airport and Guwahati International Airport are two closest airports to the Kaziranga National park. The Jorhat airport is located 97 kms and Guwahati airport is at 217 kms from Kaziranga. After reaching airport, you can easily get roadway transporting vehicle to reach the park. For foreigners or Indians, Guwahati airport is the best. From here, you won't face any difficulty to take a taxi, cab or any other public transport to reach Kaziranga.

Reaching Kaziranga National Park By Train -

Furkating is the closest railway station to the park that is situated only 75 kms away from here. This railway station is effectively linked with trains from major cities of India like New Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati etc. There are many other railway stations from where tourists can reach Kaziranga. These railway stations include Jorhat railway station and Guwahati railway station. The Jorhat railhead is at 90 kms distance; whereas Guwahati railhead is 240 kms from the park. After reaching these railway stations, take a cab, taxi or any roadway vehicle and reach the park easily.

Reaching Kaziranga National Park By Road -

On NH 37, at Kohora town, the main entry gate of the park is located; hence, this town is well-linked to all big Assamese cities like Tezpur, Golaghat, Sivasagar, Dimapur, Guwahati, Nagaon, Tinisukia, etc. Either you use private buses or state buses, both are good and cheap option to reach Kaziranga.

So, choose whichever mode you like to reach your dream wildlife destination - Kaziranga National Park and get yourself dive into the endless adventure and pleasure to exploring the wildlife.

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