Best Time Visit Kaziranga

In Kaziranga, the climate is usually tropical. So, it is good to pay your visit to this park in winters or summers. In monsoon season, we would recommend not to visit here because of the chances of flood in River Brahmaputra that can lead to disastrous results to your trip. If you choose summer season to visit Kaziranga, you will find the climate to be quite humid and hot in the day time, but in night time, it becomes mild. The temperature in summer remains 7 Degree C- 37 Degree C and February to May months are counted in summer season.

In summer visit, all tourists can have a great time visiting this park, but due to a great humidity and hot climate, it may look a bit unpleasant to you. But, in terms of budget, this time is really great because at this time, travellers can get great deals on hotel bookings in Kaziranga.

From June to October months, the temperature remains 10 Degree C - 35 Degree C and is considered as the monsoon season. This season is not regarded as a good visiting time because of the uncertainty of rains and chances of flood in Brahmaputra River.

The best season to visit Kaziranga is during winters that falls between November to February months. The temperature of the region in this time remains 5 Degree C - 25 Degree C. The weather of this regions is dry and mild most of the time. Visiting Kaziranga in this time will give you the best opportunity to witness the most captivating bird species.

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