Kaziranga Wildlife Safari

For wildlife lovers Kaziranga National Park is one of the best places to visit and experience the real beauty of nature. Acclaimed a World Heritage Site in the year 1985, this park accommodates two- third of the world’s grand one-horned Rhinoceroses. And the fact can’t be denied that wildlife safari in Kaziranga National Park gives its visitors one of the most excellent adventure experiences. Additionally, it’s one of the major breeding landscapes for elephants, wild water buffalo, forest cats, and so on. Despite its well-off animal range, this park also flourishes in rich plants life.

Here, the most fascinating this about Kaziranga National Park is its scenery. More to the point, this place is extremely peaceful to your eyes as it endows with abundant vegetation as you stride through the giant elephant grass, marshlands and swamplands during the jeep safaris or elephant rides. Well, it is on account of the overflowing waters of Brahmaputra River throughout the rainy season, which makes the park’s soil extremely fertile.

The best time to go for a wildlife tour here is from November to April. The park remains closed from June to September due to heavy rain in Assam. For all wildlife and birding buffs, Kaziranga should be their first preference for wildlife safari holiday. Trekking in this well-known park is one more tourist activity which attracts many travellers from corner to corner of the world. If you are fascinated about sightseeing at your own footstep, then you can choose going for trekking in Panbari Reserve & Kukurkata Reserve Forests.

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