Kaziranga Jeep Safari

With Jeep safari in Kaziranga, you get a fabulous opportunity to immerse in the world of nature and wildlife of Kaziranga National Park. The idea of exploring the core wildlife reserve areas of the park with jeep safari is definitely amazing for the ones who believe themselves to be hard-core wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Talking about the adventures of Kaziranga, it is jam-packed with so many surprises that are worth being captured. The sights of wild animals and endangered wildlife species in their natural habitat will make you thrilled not just during the tour but after the tour as well.

Choosing jungle safari with jeep to discover wildlife of the park like elephants, monkeys, languor, jackal, tigers and the most captivating creature one-horned rhinoceros is truly an adventure way that has fun, excitement, and a whole-new experience. The jeep safari in Kaziranga takes visitors to areas where they get the maximum chances to witness wildlife. Basically, the Kaziranga National Park is divided in multiple areas and the jungle safari can take one to two days of time for discovering the whole region of the park. Allow us to help you with our expert services to organise jeep safari in Kaziranga for you that is guided under professional wildlife experts who accompany visitors during their safari in jeep.

Note: The jeep safari in Kaziranga is organised by forest department in morning and afternoon shifts. The morning shift for jeep safari in Kaziranga starts from 7 AM to 10 AM and afternoon shift starts from 1PM to 4 PM.

Information on Different Zones To Conduct Jeep Safari In Kaziranga

Forest officials have permitted jeep safaris to be conducted in certain zones of the park. In 4 zones, the jeep safari is permitted and here is the detailed information on different permitted zones for jeep safari in Kaziranga.

Agartoli Zone in Eastern Range of Kaziranga National Park

The Agartoli zone extends to the eastern region of Kaziranga national park and touches the national highway adjacent to Agartoli village. It is quite prevalent zone among wildlife lovers and adventurous tourists because this zone is full of wildlife species and natural beauty. With jeep safari, the travellers get a chance to witness rhinos moving in the bushy forests. It also allows them to see wild buffalos and elephants roaming here and there in the park. Those who choose elephant safari would not be allowed to explore this zone as only jeep safari is allowed to discover this area.

Central Zone – It is the key zone of Kaziranga for all environmentalists and naturalists. The main gate of entrance in this zone is available only around 2 kms aways from national highly near Kohora village. The central zone is extended to the south riverbed of the beautiful Brahmaputra River. It is fully enriched with amazing landscape and wildlife. The presence of water bodies, greenery and wetlands around this zone makes it a fantastic location for bird lovers and nature lovers. The central zone based jeep safari is conducted in 2 different shifts and visitors are strictly prohibited to get down from elephant or jeep during the safari in this zone. During this safari, you can find amazing opportunities to sight grazing wildlife animals like rhinos etc.

Burapahar Zone in Kaziranga This zone is situated approximately 40 kms away from the main zone that is central zone of Kaziranga. The entrance of the Burapahar zone is at Ghorakati village that is near national highway. While coming to Kaziranga from Guwahati through roadways, it falls as the first zone of the park. It offers the safari lovers a chance to witness the jungle life of the park and enjoy trekking experience as it is permitted in this zone. Rhinoland Park located in Ghorakati is the starting spot for jeep safari. The amazing availability of hillside with intense greenery all around makes Burapahar zone as an ideal place for birding. In this zone, you can easily find capped langur and hoolock gibbon which are the key attraction of this park.

Bagori Zone In Western Region of Kaziranga National Park –

Bagori zone is mainly extended to the western area of Kaziranga National forest and park. It is known as the most captivating zones in Kaziranga because it gives the best of wildlife sights. Bagori zone is filled with astonished landscape that is full of lush greenery and wildlife species. Choosing jeep safari to explore Bagori zone gives travellers a chance to meet the most beautiful wildlife creatures like rhinos, swap deer, buffalos, elephant, and so many other amazing and unseen wildlife. The entrance to Bagori zone is at Bagori village.

Price detail for Jeep Safari in Kaziranga

Jeep Safari price for Agaratoli Zone – To enjoy jeep safari in Agaratoli zone, the charges for an Indian traveller is INR 4900 and for foreigners, the price is INR 8400

Jeep Safari price for Kohora (central) zone – INR 3900 for Indians and INR 7400 for foreigners.

Jeep safari price for Burapahar Zone – INR 4400 for Indians and INR 8400 for foreigners

Jeep Safari price for Bagori zone – INR 3900 for Indians and INR 7400 for foreigners.

Timings for Jeep safari in Kaziranga

Timing for jeep safari in Agaratoli zone – 7 AM to 10 AM morning shift and 1 PM to 4 PM afternoon shift.

Timing for jeep safari in Kohora zone – 7 AM to 10 AM morning shift and 1 PM to 4 PM afternoon shift.

Timing for jeep safari in Burapahar zone – 7 AM to 10 AM morning shift and 1 PM to 4 PM afternoon shift.

Timing for jeep safari in Bagori zone – 7 AM to 10 AM morning shift and 1 PM to 4 PM afternoon shift.

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