Fauna Kaziranga National Park

Did you know that Kaziranga National Park has an enormous biodiversity? Yes, that is so and because it has been acknowledged as a significant bird zone, it is famous as the perfect destination for bird-lovers. According to the statistics, apart from this, Kaziranga National Park proves to be a great dwelling to 42 species of reptiles as well.

Kaziranga is one amid limited sites from corner to corner of the world, where you can find breeding population of 3 giant cats outside Africa including Clouded leopard, royal Bengal Tiger and Indian leopard. The tiger population in Kaziranga improved a lot after this park got declared as a tiger reserve in the historic year 2006, making it one of the utmost tiger density areas on this planet.

In addition to this, sloth bears, Indian gray mongoose, hispid hare, small Indian mongoose, large Indian civet, small Indian civet, Bengal fox, golden jackal, Chinese ferret badger, and capped langur are just a few names that you can come to notice in this park. These all together create an attractive fauna in Kaziranga. Here, one great thing about Kaziranga National Park is that most of its area is easily accessible for the Safari and that’s why it the ideal place to spot wildlife without any problem.

Kaziranga woodland is for the most part famous for being the natural territory to above 2000 one-horned Rhinoceros, the maximum number of this species in the world. Not merely this, but it also accommodates the huge population of the Wild water buffalo, which is more or less 57% of the world population. The other herbivores in the jungle comprise Eastern swamp deer, Hog deer, Elephant, Gaur, Wild boar, and so on.

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