Birding Kaziranga National Park

Go for birding in Kaziranga! Visiting Kaziranga provides you with a great chance to enjoy the astonishing sight of many Alexandrine Parakeets nourishing intensely on the BER tree. Here, you can have a great experience of seeing many alexandrine parakeets chirping at these trees and of course this is something that you’ll remember for many years to come.

Definitely, Kaziranga is one of the most striking places in the world to revel in wildlife and birds seeing. The fact is that this park has been renowned as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by the Birdlife International (a bird conservation organization headquartered in the UK). Also, here, it is good to know that Kaziranga possesses more or less 478 bird species comprising residents and migrant birds, making it a major birding spot.

In addition, the luxuriant green plants of this park are a remarkable abode to most mesmerizing birdlife in the world. When it comes to UNESCO world heritage site in Kaziranga, this significantly aids in sheltering twenty-five internationally threatened birds. It also looks after twenty-four birds that are close to in danger of death.

Furthermore, being habitat to the world's major left over populations of Indian one-horned Rhinos, Eastern Barasingha & wild water buffalo, Elephant & Tiger, Kaziranga is also well-known for providing one of the most sophisticated outdoor activities that we know as birding. So, it is safe to say that seeing the sights of Kaziranga is certainly a bird lover’s most wanted destination!

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