What To Expect During Your Visit To Kaziranga & During the Jeep Safari

Kaziranaga National Park gives several reasons to travellers to plan a gateway to this amazing place. Famous as the wildlife destination of North East India, Kaziranga National Park is loved the tourists for featuring a unique biodiversity and exceptional ecosystem. Covering a large area, this park is divided in different zones and to explore the wildlife centric zones of Kaziranga, jeep safari is the best mode.

Kaziranga Natioanl Park
Kaziranga Natioanl Park

Though there are several arguments on which online safari booking modes is the best, but the choice depends on an individual taste and preferences to choose elephant safari or jeep safari. To make this selection a little easier for you, we would like to tell you that if you are planning for a group tour to this wild destination, then jeep safari has no match at all.


As said earlier, jeep safari is the best alternative mode to access various modes of Kaziranga National Park. Though it is also a fact that jeep safari is not that pocket friendly when you are all alone as you are required to pay for the entire jeep, not for yourself only. This can be a problem for a travellers having low budget for a tour to Kaziranga. In that scenario, you can act a bit smart if you wait and join another group to explore the park. This way, the jeep expense will be divided in all commuters and jeep safari becomes inexpensive.

Talking about what to expect during your jeep safari, then first word comes in the mind is the unlimited fun and unmatchable wildlife excursion. Indeed, when a wildlife lover explores a fully wild territory like Kaziranga Wildlife reserve in an open jeep along with some enthusiastic adventurers and wild animals like one-horned rhinos come closer to the jeep, it feels truly sensational. Just like one-horned rhinos, there can be similar encounters with many other unseen and undiscovered species of wildlife as there are more than 35 mammals species already living and they are likely to come in your way during your jeep safari excursion in Kaziranga.

So, apart from expecting a wild encounter with One-horned rhinoceros, your jeep safari in Kaziranga would help you meet closely to panther, roaring tigers, elephant, hog deer and several other wild animals. You probably have seen many of them on Discovery TV channels or any other wildlife TV Channel or show, but Kaziranga National Park jeep safari will help you have a live encounter with wilderness during your trip.

To make you aware of various regulations and cautions about Kaziranga wildlife reserve, a forest guide would accompany you. This guide will make you aware of various do’s and don’ts about the park to have a safe and delighting excursion.

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