Head for the Kaziranga National Park for the One-Horned Rhino Sighting

Spread over the floodplain of the mighty Brahmaputra River, the unique wilderness of the Kaziranga National Park is the natural habitat for more than seventy percent of the total wild population of the One-horned Rhinoceros in the world. The forest of Kaziranga spreads over an area of around 430 sq km on the bank of the Brahmaputra River and known for its unparalleled beauty of Nature. Apart from the Kaziranga, the other places where one can spot the one-horned Rhinos are Pobitara national park and Jaldapara national park in Assam and the Dudhwa national park in Uttar Pradesh. But, the Kaziranga National Park is one of the best places in the world to spot the endangered one-horned rhinos in its natural habitat.

kaziranga national park
kaziranga national park

Kaziranga National Park has been the natural home to this magnificent species from hundreds of years and the dense greenery and the vast grassland is the perfect place for being the Rhino’s natural wild home. However, a few years ago, this species came under the serious threat of extinction due to heavy poaching and shrinking of the forest landscape, but, with the proper conservation efforts, now the number of the One-horned Rhinos increased to around 2000 in the Kaziranga alone. The best way to enjoy the safari in the Kaziranga is the Elephant Safari in the two of the four tourism zones of Kaziranga National Park. The early morning Elephant Safari in the summer will also let you enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the vast wilderness of the dense green forest.

The exotic beauty of the one-horned rhinos can easily be sighted during your elephant safari in the Kaziranga forest. The Jeep Safari is also equally enjoyable as the wildlife Safari, but sitting on the back of the Elephant is the best way to closely explore the wildlife. The large grassland is where you can easily spot the lone or group of Rhinos grazing in the field. The water bodies located inside the park are also the best places to spot wild animals during the summer season. Apart from being the best Rhino land in the world, the Kaziranga National Park is also a natural home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian Elephants, Wild Buffalos, Swamp Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Cheetal, Sambar, Wild Boar, Gaur, Hoolock Gibbon and many other wild animals.

Kaziranga forest is also an important birding destination for the bird lovers. Birding enthusiasts from all over the world visit the Burapahar zone of the Kaziranga National Park to spot the numerous exquisite migratory birds and the domestic birds and photograph their activities and pure beauty. You opt for the trekking in the Burapahar range to closely watch the beauty of the wilderness and its wild inhabitants. The Jeep Safari is organized in all the four eco-tourism zones of the KNP while only two zones are allowed for the Elephant Safari and only one zone is open for the trek. You can choose any of the facilities to explore the forest but do visit this beautiful piece of forest land to visualize the mysterious wilderness, no matter if you are a wildlife enthusiast or a Nature lover or just a simple traveler.