Kaziranga National Park Assam Gets Special Rhino Protection Force to Protect Rhinoceros

Kaziranga National Park, News Update – The Assam government, in partnership with the Central Government, has formed a special force to protect the one-horned rhinos of Kaziranga National Park from poaching. The special protection task force comprises of 82 trained member was deployed in the Kaziranga National Park to combat poachers and understand the behavior of animal. The “Special Rhino Protection Force” (SRPF) went under 43 weeks of rigorous commando trainin training, the passing out parade of these member include eight female.


According to forest official sources these security forces would be deployed to eight ranges of Kaziranga National Park, which is world Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

The SRPF is raised as a tiger protection force named after the Rhino since the threat of animal poaching have increase in the past few years. Their basic job profile includes protecting the Royal Bengal Tigers since Kaziranga National Park also houses Tigers in reserve area.

According to sources, The Assam Government would be paying the salaries of the special task forces member and the amount would be reimbursed by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, which recommended the setting up of such force.

Actually the formation of special task force was initiated in 2015. The forces were given the appointment letter in July 2018 after which they were trained at the Forest Guard School in eastern Assam’s Makum. The recruits also underwent weapons training at the 9th Assam Police Battalion in Nagaon district.

The Kaziranga National Park sprawl over 430 square kilometers encompasses eight ranges under two wildlife divisions – Eastern Assam and Biswanath — straddling the river Brahmaputra.

Over the past 19 years, over 200 rhinos have been killed by the poachers in Assam, mostly in the area Kaziranga National Park.