Which Safari Is Best In Kaziranga?

Indeed, in our day-to-day life, it is all about just routines & schedules, and when we talk about a long-drawn vacation with family and friends, it is generally nowhere in the picture. Now, you are exhausted of all this and want to take some time away to relax. Well, if you are nature enthusiast, a wildlife safari can be a good option for you. On the internet, there are a lot of travelling websites that offer attractive deals for wildlife safari in Kaziranga National Park.

Jeep Safari In Kaziranga
Jeep Safari In Kaziranga

In Kaziranga National Park, you’ll find mainly two types of safaris (Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari) that you can go for to plunge yourself in the exhilarating things to do here and have an experience of life time.


In this charismatic trip, you are going to set off on breathtaking jeep safari that will go deep inside the wilds of the national park, via grasslands and swarming forests. In this park, you’ll come across 4 forest belts including Agratoli (mainly a dark forest), Kohora (a homeland of many rhinos), Bagori (where grasslands and woodland blend together), and Burapahar (a mountainous woody territory).

Here, you’ll delight in Jungle Safari by open Jeep on the lookout for tigers, elephants, jackal, monkeys and the various species of deer together with many familial & nomadic bird species. There is no question in that seeing these wildlife species in the jungle will be your most exquisite memory of Kaziranga. And it would take you around one or two days to discover the park completely. Your trip organizer is supposed to manage a range of wonderful trips with experienced wildlife experts.

In addition to the above, Jeep Safari in this remarkable Park is allowed on the selected tourist’s trail that is determined by the forest representatives. It is good to know that you can enjoy the Jeep Safari in all the 4 regions of this park.


Kaziranga National Park is highly famous for elephant safari to witness the Great Indian one-horned Rhinoceros. Here, you can take pleasure in the early morning nature activities, such as birds chirping & the sunrise. It would not be wrong to say that you have seen nothing here if you have not experienced the elephant safari. It is, of course, the most demanded activity in Kaziranga and on account of the limited seats, it is recommended to confirm the bookings as early as possible. But just make sure that you pay the genuine rates mentioned by the Eastern Assam Wildlife Division.

Elephant Safari trip is a fantastic choice of itineraries intended for folks, who are willing to see the forests of diverse backdrop and capture the wild animals from close. What is more, as the utmost zone of the park is easy to get to, you could personally see the herds of one-horned rhinos strolling around. It also gives you an opportunity to spot animals in their natural habitation. Certainly, the affluent fauna of Kaziranga will turn your excursion into the gratifying experience.

Now, you might have a question which is the best safari in Kaziranga National Park? In general, visitors have a first choice for taking safari in the western area, as it is where they are likely to witness the rhinos closely. Here, you should not make any insight regarding a specific area as all the regions take you to the centre of this stunning park. In fact, all the regions are exclusive in terms of woodland, meadows, density of mammals & birds, land scenery, and so on.

Kaziranga National Park Assam Gets Special Rhino Protection Force to Protect Rhinoceros

Kaziranga National Park, News Update – The Assam government, in partnership with the Central Government, has formed a special force to protect the one-horned rhinos of Kaziranga National Park from poaching. The special protection task force comprises of 82 trained member was deployed in the Kaziranga National Park to combat poachers and understand the behavior of animal. The “Special Rhino Protection Force” (SRPF) went under 43 weeks of rigorous commando trainin training, the passing out parade of these member include eight female.


According to forest official sources these security forces would be deployed to eight ranges of Kaziranga National Park, which is world Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

The SRPF is raised as a tiger protection force named after the Rhino since the threat of animal poaching have increase in the past few years. Their basic job profile includes protecting the Royal Bengal Tigers since Kaziranga National Park also houses Tigers in reserve area.

According to sources, The Assam Government would be paying the salaries of the special task forces member and the amount would be reimbursed by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, which recommended the setting up of such force.

Actually the formation of special task force was initiated in 2015. The forces were given the appointment letter in July 2018 after which they were trained at the Forest Guard School in eastern Assam’s Makum. The recruits also underwent weapons training at the 9th Assam Police Battalion in Nagaon district.

The Kaziranga National Park sprawl over 430 square kilometers encompasses eight ranges under two wildlife divisions – Eastern Assam and Biswanath — straddling the river Brahmaputra.

Over the past 19 years, over 200 rhinos have been killed by the poachers in Assam, mostly in the area Kaziranga National Park.

Head for the Kaziranga National Park for the One-Horned Rhino Sighting

Spread over the floodplain of the mighty Brahmaputra River, the unique wilderness of the Kaziranga National Park is the natural habitat for more than seventy percent of the total wild population of the One-horned Rhinoceros in the world. The forest of Kaziranga spreads over an area of around 430 sq km on the bank of the Brahmaputra River and known for its unparalleled beauty of Nature. Apart from the Kaziranga, the other places where one can spot the one-horned Rhinos are Pobitara national park and Jaldapara national park in Assam and the Dudhwa national park in Uttar Pradesh. But, the Kaziranga National Park is one of the best places in the world to spot the endangered one-horned rhinos in its natural habitat.

kaziranga national park
kaziranga national park

Kaziranga National Park has been the natural home to this magnificent species from hundreds of years and the dense greenery and the vast grassland is the perfect place for being the Rhino’s natural wild home. However, a few years ago, this species came under the serious threat of extinction due to heavy poaching and shrinking of the forest landscape, but, with the proper conservation efforts, now the number of the One-horned Rhinos increased to around 2000 in the Kaziranga alone. The best way to enjoy the safari in the Kaziranga is the Elephant Safari in the two of the four tourism zones of Kaziranga National Park. The early morning Elephant Safari in the summer will also let you enjoy the beautiful sunrise in the vast wilderness of the dense green forest.

The exotic beauty of the one-horned rhinos can easily be sighted during your elephant safari in the Kaziranga forest. The Jeep Safari is also equally enjoyable as the wildlife Safari, but sitting on the back of the Elephant is the best way to closely explore the wildlife. The large grassland is where you can easily spot the lone or group of Rhinos grazing in the field. The water bodies located inside the park are also the best places to spot wild animals during the summer season. Apart from being the best Rhino land in the world, the Kaziranga National Park is also a natural home of the Royal Bengal Tigers, Indian Elephants, Wild Buffalos, Swamp Deer, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Cheetal, Sambar, Wild Boar, Gaur, Hoolock Gibbon and many other wild animals.

Kaziranga forest is also an important birding destination for the bird lovers. Birding enthusiasts from all over the world visit the Burapahar zone of the Kaziranga National Park to spot the numerous exquisite migratory birds and the domestic birds and photograph their activities and pure beauty. You opt for the trekking in the Burapahar range to closely watch the beauty of the wilderness and its wild inhabitants. The Jeep Safari is organized in all the four eco-tourism zones of the KNP while only two zones are allowed for the Elephant Safari and only one zone is open for the trek. You can choose any of the facilities to explore the forest but do visit this beautiful piece of forest land to visualize the mysterious wilderness, no matter if you are a wildlife enthusiast or a Nature lover or just a simple traveler.

Interesting Facts About Kaziranga National Park That You Should Know

Located in the North East state of Assam, Kaziranga National Park is home to the popular one-horned rhinoceros and boast of almost two thirds of world’s rhinoceros population. However, Kaziranga is known for its own share of multi- color parable, legends and variety of flora and fauna. Fed by the river bed of Brahmaputra River, Kaziranga is blessed with all such as Wetlands, Grasslands, Forests and riverine habitats. It was established in the year of 1908 as a forest reserve. Later in the year of 1916 it was designated as the Kaziranga Game Sanctuary which remained until 1950 when it was renamed as Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary.

Kaziranga National Park
Kaziranga National Park

Interesting Facts about Kaziranga National Park

1. Kaziranga derives its name from the word Kazi in Karbi language stands for ‘Goat’ and ‘Ranga’ meaning ‘red’. That is why Kaziranga locally known as
the land of “Red Goats”.

2. According to another saga, a girl named Ranga, living in a nearby village, and a youth named kazi, from Karbi Anglong, fell in love. This affair was not acceptable to their families and the couple disappeared into the forest and never seen again. And hence forest was named after them.

3. Kaziranga existence came into effect when Mary Curzon – wife of then viceroy, Lord Curzon who proposed the idea of idea of protecting the wildlife species living in the area and converting Kaziranga into a reserve forest by extending the area into 232 square kilometers.

4. It is a WWF (World Wildlife Forum) eco-region, and one of the world’s indigenous birds areas which is offering habitat for a number of globally threatened wildlife species including Tigers, panthers, Leopards, Wild Buffaloes, Bears , Elephants, Wild Pigs and many more.

5. Kaziranga is the only place where you can spot Eastern Swamp Deer. It is popularly called as Barahsingha – the species can grow up to six feet tall in
height with yellow hair.

6. Though Kaziranga is real gift of nature to human being but what is truly amazing is the early morning sunlight in the forest and riding through the
wild tall grasses.

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What To Expect During Your Visit To Kaziranga & During the Jeep Safari

Kaziranaga National Park gives several reasons to travellers to plan a gateway to this amazing place. Famous as the wildlife destination of North East India, Kaziranga National Park is loved the tourists for featuring a unique biodiversity and exceptional ecosystem. Covering a large area, this park is divided in different zones and to explore the wildlife centric zones of Kaziranga, jeep safari is the best mode.

Kaziranga Natioanl Park
Kaziranga Natioanl Park

Though there are several arguments on which online safari booking modes is the best, but the choice depends on an individual taste and preferences to choose elephant safari or jeep safari. To make this selection a little easier for you, we would like to tell you that if you are planning for a group tour to this wild destination, then jeep safari has no match at all.


As said earlier, jeep safari is the best alternative mode to access various modes of Kaziranga National Park. Though it is also a fact that jeep safari is not that pocket friendly when you are all alone as you are required to pay for the entire jeep, not for yourself only. This can be a problem for a travellers having low budget for a tour to Kaziranga. In that scenario, you can act a bit smart if you wait and join another group to explore the park. This way, the jeep expense will be divided in all commuters and jeep safari becomes inexpensive.

Talking about what to expect during your jeep safari, then first word comes in the mind is the unlimited fun and unmatchable wildlife excursion. Indeed, when a wildlife lover explores a fully wild territory like Kaziranga Wildlife reserve in an open jeep along with some enthusiastic adventurers and wild animals like one-horned rhinos come closer to the jeep, it feels truly sensational. Just like one-horned rhinos, there can be similar encounters with many other unseen and undiscovered species of wildlife as there are more than 35 mammals species already living and they are likely to come in your way during your jeep safari excursion in Kaziranga.

So, apart from expecting a wild encounter with One-horned rhinoceros, your jeep safari in Kaziranga would help you meet closely to panther, roaring tigers, elephant, hog deer and several other wild animals. You probably have seen many of them on Discovery TV channels or any other wildlife TV Channel or show, but Kaziranga National Park jeep safari will help you have a live encounter with wilderness during your trip.

To make you aware of various regulations and cautions about Kaziranga wildlife reserve, a forest guide would accompany you. This guide will make you aware of various do’s and don’ts about the park to have a safe and delighting excursion.

When Can You Visit Kaziranga National Park?

Sitting in the lap of nature and seeing some of the largest mammals and birds that we rarely spot is the best experience of life and without any question Kaziranga National Park is one of those wonderful places where you can delight in the same all at once.

Kaziranga Entry Gate
Kaziranga Entry Gate

For your information, with the entire region of 430 sq. km, this breathtaking park is positioned in boundary of the Eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspots – Golaghat and Nagaon district in Assam. This home to a lot of dying out species is sprinkled with swamps, elephants, lush meadows, immense grasslands, dark forests, rivers, and miniature lakes & ponds.

You might not be aware but the fact is that UNESCO has confirmed Kaziranga National Park as a World Heritage Site and it comes with one of the most enigmatic wildlife upkeep activities you can ever experience. Moreover, this park is mainly divided into 4 regions such as Eastern, Central, Western, and Far Western. And here, Bagori Range i.e. Western Range is considered as the most excellent where you can witness animals like Rhinos, Bison and Wild Elephants.

Jeep Safari In Kaziranga
safari in kaziranga


If a thought of taking your family and kids to Kaziranga National Park has already occurred in your mind, then you must ask yourself what the best time is to enjoy holiday there. In line with the best trip organizers, due to tropical climate the best time to visit Kaziranga National Park is either summers or winters. The day time in the summer season is hot & humid while the nights are kind. It is always advised to evade visiting here all through the rainy season and this is because during this time of year the water of the Brahmaputra River floods the park.


All through the summers, the park remains open to visitors. But experts don’t recommend visiting here as it is hot & humid. Still, for people, who wish to take a break from the rush, this time to visit can be a good choice. In addition to this, travellers with a short pocket budget can find summers the most excellent time to visit this place as this is when they are supposed to benefit from the finest deals on hotel bookings.


As the June arrives it indicates the beginning of the monsoon season and for your knowledge it is not the right moment to go to Kaziranga for a wildlife vacation. In Monsoon, there is rainfall of 2,220 mm (87 in) between June and September and this sometimes causes the flood. It is good to be aware of that more or less three-fourth western area of the park goes under water because of mounting water level of the Brahmaputra.


If truth to be told, winters are best time to visit Kaziranga National Park, as the climate is mild & little dry. And if you really want to take pleasure in the bird watching, winters are recommended! Also, if you are lucky enough, you can get a chance to spot rhinos during this time.

Now, you know when to make a plan for Kaziranga trip. And to make your holiday memorable, the idea is to keep a camera handy; you never know when the elephants pass by you and of course you won’t want to miss the chance of capturing that moment!